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Protect your sensitive data with a sovereign solution from Zerotrust & Zeroknowledge.

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 "Administrations, SMEs and hospitals already place their trust in us,

So why not you? "

Your advantages with Parsec


Control access to your documents with data-centric security technology

For a long time, security has been treated as a matter of controlling the network perimeter: the good guys are inside the corporate network, and the bad guys are outside. As for the Internet, from a security point of view it is considered to be the ultimate evil.

In a world where data is transmitted unencrypted, there is a real security problem specific to data. Data security must be managed cryptographically, as close as possible to the user.

The PARSEC system is natively capable of supporting compatibility with Data Centric Security DCS and even beyond, enabling much more advanced functionalities to be managed between the various players using PARSEC. 

Gain privacy without losing ergonomics

Thanks to the ergonomic design of our workspaces, you can make life easier for your teams, without compromising on security. Totally intuitive and accessible from the computer desktop, our solution offers functional and pleasant navigation, making it easy for your employees to use.

Protect your files from ransomware

Malicious crypto-locking of data is just another version of the life cycle of your data. You only need to revert to the previous version to counter such an attack.

With Parsec, retrieving data is as easy as turning back the hands of the clock.

What is the ZeroTrust

A truly trusted solution


Parsec is a certified solution CSPN by ANSSIsolution, thus identifying it as a reliable in terms of cybersecurity.

Our cloud partner is SecNumCloud certified by the ANSSI, the highest level of commitment to security. Hosting Available on the on premise offer. 

The host of the metadata Parsec is certified HDS (Health Data Hosting)This is a guarantee of confidence in terms of security for the processing of personal health data.

Discover our innovative technology


Take advantage of technologies

ZeroTrust & Zeroknowledge

Our solution capitalizes on our own algorithms, developed to optimize data integrity and resilience and guarantee total confidentiality in your sharing. Our Zero Knowledge technology certifies the user's workstation and provides them with a strictly personal key: they are then the only one who can reconstitute a file, which we have previously cut up to store each block separately and encrypt them individually.

Parsec is designed to solve the new challenge of cybersecurity in the cloud: ensuring that only the user controls access to their data.  

Most services, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google, Box or Dropbox, rely on full access to your data. Despite their security efforts, these systems remain vulnerable to cybercriminals. They are regularly compromised by attacks on administrators and servers to gain access to sensitive company data.

Save time and confidence

Management and arbitration
strictly autonomous

Certification of your workstation
considered the only trusted entity

Confidentiality of your keys with respect to suppliers
and PARSEC, which does not keep your keys

Revocation  of unwanted users
to permanently block their access to data

Ultra secure storage
and intelligent

Split your files into several blocks
stored on different public or private clouds

Individual encryption  of each chopped block
to block unauthorized user privileges

Version and access history
to allow a control on the duration

Try Parsec for free
with no time limit

Create your workspace today and invite up to 2 users for free. 

Also available on Android via Google Play.

What do our users ?

I am a Freelance Office Manager, which includes executive secretarial work and human resources management, which I perform for small and medium-sized companies that outsource these functions.

I use PARSEC on a daily basis, for all my clients and also on a personal basis.

I use it on a desktop computer when I'm working from home and on a laptop when I'm travelling. 


It is the only solution I fully trust to store my confidential client data and personal documents as I am sure they are safe.

I know the software company well and I know that it has been developed by very high level engineers.

Parsec helps me to meet the following needs:

-Security of sensitive data

-Using the cloud to store documents


Office Manager / REDACTUAL

 Discover our use case with our partner

3D additive manufacturing

Why did SCILLE AND VISTORY come together? ( Extract from the full use case )

In order to secure the exchange of 3D drawings between MainChain platform actors and to trace all actions made on the different Stratasys F450 printers, the Fleet Support Service (FSS) wanted to have a simple and secure tool...

In its objective to develop the MainChain solution, Vistory decided to approach the company Scille in order to integrate the solution Parsec solution into its various agents.

Sharing of confidential data

Extract from the full use case

Our activity at Montpellier Méditerranée airport involves daily exchanges on subjects related to cybersecurity and airport security. We work on restricted documents, so it is essential for us to have total control over the means of sharing and distributing these documents to recipients, whether they are internal or external...  

IT Infrastructure Manager / Information Systems Department

Negrepelisse Hospital

Extract from the full use case

For the most part, PARSEC is a tool that corresponds to the needs of our structures. It is compatible with our requirements (multi-site and multiple file management). It is "frendly" which allowed people to appropriate it quickly. It has been perfectly integrated into the management of the Common Admission Commission and we are all very pleased with it.

Social worker at the Turenne Hospital in Nègrepelisse.

 Your questions, our answers ...

What are the risks of sharing and storing sensitive files through insecure channels like Dropbox?

The Internet is the playground of hackers, and with the arrival of 5G technology, direct intercommunication of computer terminals and connected objects will be widespread: the confidentiality and integrity are becoming the new challenges of data sharing. The corollary is that if data remains readable in clear text on the networks, the internet of the future will pave the way for an Orwellian nightmare and the right to privacy will gradually disappear, leaving a generation of manipulated or controlled digital slaves.

How to telework safely?

Fundamentally, teleworking cannot be done without the contribution of digital technology and the use of the cloud. As a result, all companies, regardless of their size, can be subject to a cyber attack if they use an unsecured communication channel and collaborative tools. Many companies today find themselves in this situation, where it becomes urgent to rethink the work environment in order to face the crisis. To do so, the company can rely on secure, efficient and above all ergonomic collaborative tools such as Parsec, which are easy to use and very fast.

What is data cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity in general, consists in setting up means or processes to protect digital information.

These means can be both

  • Technical: data encryption software
  • Physical: protective cases
  • Human: good safety practices at the workplace
What is the cloud?

In computing, the cloud represents an online storage system consisting of several remote servers on which your computer data (files, images, photos, videos, etc.) are stored. Access to the data is only possible through the internet. The use of the cloud is increasingly growing; the choice is made according to the needs and uses of the company. There are 3 main types of cloud:

  • public cloud
  • private cloud
  • hybrid cloud

What is Zero Trust?

The "Zero Trust" model was born from an observation: in terms of Information Systems, the distinction between "external" and "internal" areas is tending to disappear. The Zero-Trust approach can be summarized in five points:

  • Any network is considered hostile.
  • Internal and external threats are present at all times on the network.
  • Being inside an internal network is never a guarantee of absolute confidence.
  • Each terminal, each user and each network flow must be authenticated and authorized.
  • Security policies are dynamic and act on each data source.
How do I transfer my data from Dropbox to PARSEC?

The Parsec solution is designed to facilitate collaborative work while maintaining a high level of security. Transferring documents to Parsec is very easy, you just need to copy and paste your files from your Dropbox to your Parsec browser on your computer. The transfer time is relative to the size of your files.

Where is my sensitive data stored in PARSEC?

Sensitive data stored in PARSEC are stored on the public or private cloud depending on your subscription. 

STANDARD Saas offer 20€/user/month

The data is stored on a public cloud (AWS, Azure etc...). The choice of the cloud is made by the editor of the PARSEC solution

BUSINESS Saas offer : on quotation

The data is stored in a cloud defined by the client according to its privacy policy; the client is responsible for the choice of the cloud, including the geographical location of the servers.

On premise BUSINESS offer : on quotation

The data is stored on a private cloud, i.e. the servers are physically located within the customer's company.

Advice from our cyber security experts

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