Store and share your sensitive data with ease  

Thanks to a solution as ergonomic as it is secure

Don't choose between privacy and fluidity

If you use Dropbox, or another data storage tool, PARSEC simplifies your switch from one to the other with a simple "copy/paste" in your PC browser. 

Navigate through PARSEC as you would your computer files

Accessible from your computer desktop, PARSEC workspaces are storage folders in their own right - with added security. You can still drag and drop your files into them, except that the confidentiality of these folders is guaranteed. PARSEC also facilitates collaboration: by dropping your documents in one of these workspaces, they are instantly shared with the right people.

Transfer your data stored in another cloud in a few clicks

The transfer time of the files depends on their volume but, on average, data of 10GB are transferred in less than 5 minutes. You can also do this from your workspace, in your PARSEC software.

Secure your confidential data without losing quality of work

Management of concurrent write access

several users can therefore work at the same time in the same workspace.

Access to your sensitive data from your PC browser

to facilitate your daily use

Transfer in a simple copy and paste of your documents

stored on your PC to PARSEC 

Automatic synchronization in disconnected mode

no need to manage multiple versions of a document after modifications.


Try Parsec for free
with no time limit

Create your workspace today and invite up to 2 users for free. 

Also available on Android via Google Play.

« Let's not forget that we are in a growing context of cyber threats. In order to provide an answer to this problem of having a collaborative, ergonomic and secure work tool, we have developed the PARSEC solution. »

Thierry Leblond, CEO & Co-founder PARSEC

Use new way of working is not always easy to understand, both for the collaborative management of files and for the security of sensitive shared data.

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