Coordinate your industrial projects in total secrecy

With an intuitive solution that secures the sharing of sensitive data

Save time by sharing your confidential projects in the cloud

The sensitivity of the documents you produce should not prevent you from sharing them in a cloud, which would allow you to fluidify exchanges and optimize the coordination of your team. With PARSEC, you gain in quality of work without fearing that your confidential data will fall into the wrong hands. You can now rely on a secure solution, specifically designed for your business.

Enjoy the best of technology combined with the best of security

Our unique end-to-end encryption technology makes your assets completely impenetrable to unauthorized persons, both during transmission and storage. If a user wishes to access your confidential file, they must present the correct encryption keys and be authenticated by two factors. During a transfer, in addition to these security requirements, we break up the document to encrypt each fraction.

Limit and control your employees' access to their projects only

With PARSEC, you have the rights to each workspace that you create, so that you can define which users are authorized, or not, to open the folders that are there. Our solution allows you not only to guarantee the legitimacy of the person requesting access to your data but also to control when he/she requests it. You also have the history of previously produced versions, so that you can go back to the past if necessary.

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