Save sensitive patient data and collaborate securely with colleagues

Thanks to a data protection solution operated on an infrastructure HDS certified on SCALINGO server

Ensure the confidentiality required for health data

If your profession requires professional secrecy, it does not yet oblige you to share your information on PARSEC, even though it is the only solution that respects your commitment. Our Zero Trust model effectively serves the integrity of your data: our solution verifies not only the legitimacy of the user but also his authorization to open a file. We also protect the file itself when it is stored and sent.

Collaborate smoothly while checking the actions of your colleagues

Instantly syncing your medical records in the cloud will save you and your staff time, and the history will prevent you from losing time. Patient information that is erased by mistake could be catastrophic. So, we keep a history saving each version, so that you can go back if necessary. Moreover, you control the follow-up of the modifications made on a file (identity, schedules).

Create your trust zone according to your own rules

Our security innovations allow you to create a true zone of trust that is tailored to your rules. Zero Knowledge technology, for example, authenticates users based on mathematical proof, giving you the freedom to not trust us with your identity and access. End-to-end encryption partitions your data with cryptographic keys that allow you to define the privileges of your employees.

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