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PARSEC is the first 100% Open Source secure sharing solution under Affero GPL license

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We have chosen to open up the code because the future of cybersecurity depends on the transparency of software for the end user.
Github is the platform dedicated to technophiles from all over the world, allowing them to share and enrich the code they have created themselves.

  • As a user, you can consult the PARSEC code at any time on the platform, in order to ensure the reliability of the deployment of innovative technologies implemented to guarantee the confidentiality of your sensitive data.
  • And if you are passionate about code, PARSEC is undoubtedly the opportunity for you to challenge your technical knowledge and contribute to the construction of free cybersecurity!

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Advice from our cyber security experts

PARSEC certified by ANSSI

PARSEC certified by ANSSI

In the current context where the protection of sensitive data is the main issue of this new decade marked by digital transformation, we are proud to announce that our PARSEC solution has obtained the CSPN certification delivered by the ANSSI....

Optimize Rust build & test for CI

Optimize Rust build & test for CI

Last year, we migrated our CI to GitHub Actions after previously using Azure Pipelines. We took advantage of the migration to improve our CI. This article will summarize the different steps we have taken to enhance our CI when working with Rust. Parallelize Run...

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