Make the Cloud the most protective place for your sensitive data

Parsec allows you to secure and simplify the sharing, storage and processes of accessingconfidential business data.

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The tool for protecting and sharing sensitive data in the cloud.

Safety for the benefit of collaborative work

PARSEC's ergonomic content management integrates agility and mobility inline with your collaborative work system.
Having your teams collaborate in a centralized workspace increases your productivity.
No more messaging, encrypted attachments, or endless exchanges that slow down your work pace.

Simplified and Secure Ergonomics

PARSEC allows you to share your documents internally within your teams, as well as externally with your customers or partners.

Via the software's intuitive interface, you just need to know how to copy andpaste to download your documents and partition them in your workspaces shared with your interlocutors in complete safety.

Automatic synchronization in disconnected mode

No need to manage multiple versions of a document after modifications. With Parsec, Synchronization and Historization of files is done automatically.

Your updated data is accessible Anytime and Anywhere!

Multi-Cloud Resilience

PARSEC decentralizes trust in cloud storage by redundantly distributingencrypted data across different clouds.

Simplified data governance

Ineffective data governance is a security issue for 2 reasons :

  • External security risks associated with questionable, unstructured data
  • Regulatory compliance issues, and in particular GDPR.

PARSEC, through a set of secure data management processes, ensures that yourdata is formally managed across the enterprise. The solution guarantees thereliability, integrity and confidentiality of your information.

Extraterritoriality and protection of sensitive data

The legal sovereignty of companies is strongly threatened due to the extraterritorial laws to which the main cloud providers are subject.

Parsec allows you to free yourself from it thanks to a unique and innovative key management technology based on zero-trust."

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Your advantages with PARSEC

Work differently

PARSEC allows you to share, collaborate and store in securely your content, wherever you are.

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