Feedback on the use of the software by the Hospital of Nègrepelisse

by | Apr 13, 2023 | News

Interview with Sonia PEREZ, social worker at Centre Hospitalier Turenne in Nègrepelisse.

What was your problem?

"As part of the management of the Groupe Hospitalier's Commission Commune d'Admission, it was necessary to have a computerized coordination tool for managing files across several sites." 

How did you hear about the software?

"Through the bias of our IT manager, who, while looking for a solution that could meet our needs, went to the ANSSI website and discovered the software. We tested the free version of Parsec and immediately adopted it.

Why did you choose Parsec? What were the challenges involved in using it?

"Not being computer specialists, and given the urgency of our work, it was essential for us to have a tool that could be quickly understood and easy to use by as many people as possible. It had to make our requests easier to read and track. " 

Do PARSEC's functionalities meet the objectives and purposes of adaptation and use?

The coordination of actions between commission members has been optimized. We have observed a regularity and fluidity in exchanges. In addition, the software's ergonomics encourage staff to become satisfactorily involved in the process of managing sensitive documents for the Groupe Hospitalier's Common Admissions Commission. The software has enabled us to structure our actions more effectively, and to achieve a good match between resources and results.

Do you have any comments on how the solution could be improved?

"It would be nice to have the user guide available directly with the software download, rather than on the website. Also for collaborative working, it would be better to notify when two people are working on the same document simultaneously, as the current notification is not always clearly visible and can go unnoticed. " 

Do you have any final words for this interview?

For the most part, PARSEC is a tool that meets the needs of our structures. It is compatible with our requirements (multi-site and multiple file management). It's "frendly", which means that people have been able to get to grips with it fairly quickly. It has integrated perfectly into the management of the Joint Admissions Commission, and we're all delighted with it.

Thank you for your testimonial!

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