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PARSEC ant its partners of excellence 

As soon as the company was created, PARSEC was awarded the "Young Innovative Company" (JEI) label in 2015, and in 2016 launched an R&D programme alongside the French Ministry of Defence and LaBRI (Bordeaux Computer Research Laboratory).

Our ambition: to develop an Open Source software, to share sensitive data on the Cloud (in SaaS mode).

If the Ministry of the Armed Forces has always supported our company, it is because it has been recognized as having a real capacity for innovation with the major industrial groups. It is also to mark its will to contribute to the long-term development of PARSEC, that the Ministry :

  • integrated PARSEC into the RAPID (Régime d'Appui pour l'Innovation Duale) scheme
  • accompanies it through the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) 
  • supports it through the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE).

We also rely on the scientific excellence of the LaBRI, which has played a major role in the success of our most advanced security technologies. We have also been able to rely on the technical expertise of :

  • Catholic University of Leuven (BE)
  • University of Neuchâtel (CH)
  • University of Rennes (FR).

PARSEC trusts its employees as well as its users

Trust literally structures the company, both in its conception and in its daily management. If PARSEC delivers strictly, to the user-owner, the access keys to his sensitive data without keeping a duplicate, it is precisely because we are convinced that your autonomy makes you responsible and secure.

We also have faith in our employees. We have placed our trust in them, operating 100% from home since PARSEC was founded.

This means we're the first users of our own solution, and we understand exactly what our customers can expect from it.

We were a beneficiary of the "France 2030″ investment plan for France as part of the development of the parsec collaborative suite planned in our roadmap from 2024.


Advice from our cyber security experts

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