Strengthen the security of your Cloud
with the Zero Trust model

No cloud user or provider is completely trustworthy, not even us

Don't rely on your network but on Zero Trust

You will be able to face this new difficulty, since the exponential development of telecommuting: the control and security of access to your resources, despite the distance. By adopting the Zero Trust model, PARSEC assumes that a user must be legitimate and have been authorized to open a shared file. Each document is therefore protected by its own restrictions and each user is voluntarily limited in his field of action.

Choose yourself as the only trusted third party

We are not an intermediary between you and your data, we give you the means to not have an intermediary. Thanks to our Zero Knowledge technology, the confidentiality of your data is ensured exclusively by your terminal, considered as the only and unique trusted entity. We do not store any information nor do we allow access to an administrator, a host, or a cloud provider.

Your trust does not exclude your control

If our solution trusts you alone and allows you, in turn, to trust a selection of users, you have the possibility to check their behaviour over time. In order to guarantee the lasting confidentiality of your files, PARSEC allows you to keep a history of previous versions and to trace their access. You can thus verify that the user is authorized, when he had access to the data and if he is legitimate.

Trust only yourself and stay in control

Zero Trust Strategy

to reduce all malicious behaviour

Zero Knowledge Technology

so that your autonomy guarantees your safety

Access control

for a serene management of your security over the long term

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"With PARSEC, exchanges are done in complete confidence, without any fear of computer espionage or the extraterritoriality laws to which public cloud providers are subject.
This paradigm shift opens the way to many use cases requiring :

  • confidentiality,
  • integrity,
  • authenticity,
  • versioning,
  • Or another approach to connected object security through sovereign siloing. »

"Today it is possible to exchange data from one end of the world to the other with full control of the data from one's terminal. »

Thierry Leblond, CEO & Co-founder of PARSEC

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