A look back at our PARSEC EVENT HORIZON project, winner of the national call for innovative cyber technologies

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Technology

In terms of financing, this project has been funded by the government as part of France 2030.

At the inauguration of the Cyber Campus, the French government announced that our "PARSEC EVENT HORIZON" project, which had previously been accredited by the Systematic Paris Region cluster and then submitted as part of the Call for Projects for critical innovative technologies, was one of the first projects selected as part of the national cybersecurity strategy.


PARSEC is a CSPN-certified Zero Trust solution that provides a digital safe for the exchange of sensitive data between members of the same trust group. The security layer is now functional, certified and proven via document sharing functions.

Thanks to our technology, the security of sensitive data is pushed as close as possible to the user, i.e. onto the terminal; no central server accesses the sensitive information.


PARSEC EVENT HORIZON involves hybridizing with existing products to create a Zero Trust and Zero Knowledge office suite (collaborative editing, instant messaging, file storage, indexing engine, enterprise directory coupling, etc.), enabling users to collaborate and exchange sensitive, end-to-end encrypted and signed data without latency, using the Public Cloud as the exchange hub.

* Zero Trust collaborative editing: A document editor (Word/Excel type) will be integrated into the existing application. This will enable documents to be edited online simultaneously by users in the same PARSEC trust group. This editor will provide all the PARSEC security guarantees for collaborative document editing.

* Zero Trust instant messaging: A persistent group chat and dialogue system between users of the same PARSEC organization, facilitating exchanges between collaborators while maintaining optimum security.

* Enriched document sharing: This will provide document search functionalities, by creating content indexing and search engines. These engines are based on new Zero Trust metadata (information accessible only by users and unexploitable, because encrypted, for the cloud, PARSEC servers and third parties). This new metadata will improve performance when searching for content in a PARSEC enclave. To achieve this, PARSEC will interact with intel SGX hardware enclaves. This technology makes it possible to deport indexing calculations, requiring access to document content, to secure, remote hardware enclaves.

* New enrolment and corporate directory integration : Parsec's enrolment chain is now completely independent, not even depending on a certification body to establish a secure channel. To facilitate the enrolment of employees from the same company, PARSEC will offer new enrolment methods coupled with PKI infrastructures (certificate infrastructure). In this way, certain third-party services operated by a company, such as corporate directories (LDAP/AD) or PKI-type key management systems (smart cards or USB tokens used in government departments) can be considered by PARSEC as trusted actors.

* PARSEC web : PARSEC's interface will be modernized. A web browser-compatible version is under development, enabling PARSEC's cryptographic and security mechanisms to be integrated directly into a web browser. To achieve this, the PARSEC core is now written in RUST, a highly secure, high-performance language, and will therefore be natively embeddable in various environments (SGX enclave, web environment, mobile environment).


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