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" At SCILLE, we have been 100% teleworking since the company was founded .

Interview with Thierry LEBLOND, Engineer General of Armaments, cybersecurity specialist and CEO of SCILLE.

How does your activity as a software publisher enable you to rethink a company's working environment? 

Digital transformation favors mobility and the use of the public cloud. This has led to a new working model known as telecommuting, which is very popular in these times of confinement, to ensure the continuity of corporate activity. The telecommuting environment is made up of three key elements: The first is the human aspect, linked to the social life of employees; the second is organization, linked to working methods based on principles such as trust and autonomy; and the third concerns work tools, which must be collaborative, ergonomic and secure. On this last point, a new way of working is not always easy to grasp, whether in terms of collaborative file management or the security of sensitive shared data. Indeed, let's not forget that we're also facing a growing number of cyberthreats. In order to respond to this need for a collaborative, ergonomic and secure work tool, we have developed the PARSEC solution with the support of the French Armament Procurement Agency (Direction Générale de l'Armement) as part of the Ministry of the Armed Forces RAPID 2016 project, and in partnership with the Bordeaux Computer Research Laboratory (LaBRI).

Can we trust the public cloud to share, collaborate and store sensitive data when teleworking?

Data security is based on a simple Zerotrust security principle: "TRUST NO ONE! PARSEC takes this logic to the extreme, relying on end-to-end encryption using keys generated from the user's terminal, which fully controls data security according to an integral "Create and Control Your Own Key" or CYOK concept. With PARSEC, the user becomes the only trusted entity, so he or she can share and store files in the public cloud without fear of data breach or corruption.

Are some sectors of the economy more vulnerable to cyber attacks than others when it comes to teleworking? 

Fundamentally, telecommuting cannot be achieved without the contribution of digital technology and the use of the cloud. As a result, any company, regardless of size, can be subject to cyber-attack if it uses unsecured communication channels and collaborative tools. And this goes far beyond telecommuting: all businesses need to use a secure solution to centralize, share and store sensitive files, whether internally between employees, or externally with customers, suppliers or partners. That's why our PARSEC solution, in addition to being highly secure, is also simple, intuitive and ergonomic, so that all business sectors can make it their own for sharing and storing sensitive data.

How can companies quickly create a work environment tailored to their needs?

Many companies today find themselves in this situation, where it is becoming urgent to rethink the work environment in order to cope with the crisis. For the organizational aspect, companies can rely on effective, ergonomic tools that are quick and easy to learn. To show our support for companies in managing this crisis, we have decided to make our PARSEC SaaS solution available free of charge for the duration of the containment. It can be downloaded from our website www.parsec.cloud .

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