What is the difference between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud?

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In computing, the cloud represents an online storage system consisting of several remote servers on which your computer data (files, images, photos, videos, etc.) are stored. Access to the data is only possible via the internet.

The use of the cloud is increasingly growing; the choice is made according to the needs and uses of the company. There are 3 main types of Cloud.

The public cloud

It is the most used in the world because it has the advantage of being easily accessible and less expensive. The servers belong to a company called "cloud provider", and are geographically located in a territory chosen by the latter.

As a user of the public cloud, you do not have to deal with the maintenance of the infrastructure on which the data is stored, this is also a big advantage especially for small companies or individuals who do not have the required skills in-house.

However, the major disadvantage of the public cloud is the security of the data stored there. Indeed, these are subject to various cyber threats because they are quite accessible by other users or by the cloud providers themselves.

The Private Cloud

It is the private property of the company, which uses it to store its data. The servers are therefore located geographically within the company's premises, and the company manages and maintains them.

This cloud requires a very important financial investment, it is especially appreciated by large industrial groups who wish to control internally the access to all their data.

Although it has a security advantage against external threats to the company, having a private cloud does not necessarily guarantee internal security because a cyber attack can very well be initiated by people or systems infiltrated within the company.

The Hybrid Cloud

It is a mix between public and private clouds. Companies choose to store their sensitive data on a private cloud, while non-sensitive data is stored on a public cloud.

The risks of insecurity remain the same as for the private cloud.

How to use the cloud safely?

The key to keeping your data 100% secure in the cloud is to protect it before it is stored there.

To do this, our Parsec solution secures your files directly on your workstation. Thanks to our innovative and unique technology, Parsec not only allows you to store your data in the cloud safely, but also to share it in an ultra secure environment that guarantees confidentiality and integrity.


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