Strengthen the backup of your sensitive data

through multi-cloud resilience.


Boost your data security against cyber risks

Once saved in Parsec, your files are segmented into small blocks before being encrypted from end to end. Thanks to this micro-segmentation technique, these blocks can be stored at different cloud providers of your choice. Multi-cloud resilience thus strengthens the protection of your data in case of a ransomware attack.

Cloud-native technology, based on the Zerotrust 

Zerotrust security consists of trusting only oneself. With Parsec, data encryption is done from the user's terminal using a self-generated private key stored on the terminal. This means that you alone have control over your data and decide who can access it. Each cloud provider only holds fragments of encrypted and unusable data, so none of them can have access to all of your files.

Add security to the governance of your sensitive data in the cloud

With PARSEC, your documents are protected both during storage and when they are transferred to a trusted collaborator or supplier. The legitimacy of the document is verified thanks to a two-factor authentication system that also protects your private encryption key. You can collaborate on your sensitive documents in complete security via Parsec's intuitive and ergonomic interface.

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Advice from our cyber security experts

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