Parsec, the highly secure ZeroTrust solution

by Sep 7, 2021 | Technology

Interview with Emmanuel Leblond, CTO Parsec, by Scribeo for Le Point Cybersécurité magazine

Focus on cybersecurity requirements with Emmanuel Leblond, CTO of Scille, the company behind the Parsec solution created in partnership with the DGA.


ZeroTrust is the new standard in cybersecurity. But why?

The history of IT has seen the transition from a centralized mainframe computer in the early days, to several interconnected computers located within the enterprise, to the present day, where, with the advent of the Internet, everything is done from decentralized devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones), which are no longer located within the enterprise. With this latest phase, the perimeter security systems put in place by organizations have ended up shattering. This is where ZeroTrust comes in, by asking the question "Who can I trust? Hence the idea of trusting users, by securing their workstations and excluding anything outside them.


What kind of technical solutions are best suited to achieving this goal?

The requirements of the ZeroTrust concept refer to 5 new cybersecurity paradigms:

- Zero Trust
- Zero Knowledge
- User-centered Security Model
- Micro Data Segmentation
- Write Once Read Many (WORM) or Anti-Ransomware functionality.

At Scille, we have developed Parsec, the ZeroTrust solution available in SaaS and On Premise modes, which meets exactly these requirements by focusing on a common use case: the secure sharing of sensitive data.

With Parsec, we have succeeded in creating a compromise between "Ergonomics" to simplify the use of the solution by the end-user, and "Security" with Zero knowledge end-to-end encryption.

Who is Parsec designed for?

Users of our Saas solution, which costs just 5 euros, include start-ups, SMEs and law firms particularly sensitive to
data security issues. On the other side of the spectrum, we have obtained CSPN certification issued by ANSSI, and offer a customizable On Premise offering to meet the requirements of major corporations. In this respect, we are currently working with several OIV, government and defense players.

The issue of hosting and data protection also raises the question of sovereignty. How do you approach this sensitive issue at Scille?

We are a partner of Outscale, the SecNumCloud-certified cloud of the Dassault Systèmes group, which provides companies with an additional guarantee with regard to geographical location and extraterritoriality laws.

Are you planning to export Parsec?

It's true that we're currently focusing on the French market, but our long-term vision includes European markets, where safety needs are increasingly important.


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