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PARSEC functionalities are developed while preserving a high level of security, even in a Public Cloud.


Confidentiality and data integrity

An advantage of “Zero-Knowledge” encryption is to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of documents shared within a workspace, vis-à-vis any cloud provider, administrative authority or other organization that would like to gain possession of your files.

Encryption keys are strictly personal to the user and his workstation becomes the only trusted entity .

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Revocation of users

In the event of theft of a terminal or of compromise, it is possible to remove a user from the organization's directory. The immediate consequence is that the latter can no longer access the data to which he had access.

But beyond this basic function, PARSEC also incorporates an ultimate level of security: a revocation function, which can be activated by each workspace owner, enables re-encryption of all metadata to be triggered on demand, which guarantees that even access to the encrypted data generated after the revocation will be permanently unreadable by the revoked user.

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Traceability and Historization

Parsec offers the ability to list all versions of a particular file, and restore its contents to a previous version.

Thus no encrypted block can be destroyed by a basic user. It is therefore possible to rewind the action and the causes at any date of your choice.

There is no longer any need to manage the version history which is now done in the background, PARSEC allows you to follow the evolution of your files as well as their sources.

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Authenticity and non-repudiation

User / password type authentication is integrated by default in PARSEC. This is done on the one hand via the network to the metadata server, and on the other hand, locally, by decrypting the security keys.
The software includes an alert on the possible weakness of the password based on a library for checking the complexity of the password.

The PARSEC solution also guarantees non-repudiation for workstations shared between several users, provided that each user's PARSEC session is closed after use.

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PARSEC allows you to share, collaborate and store in securely your content, wherever you are.

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