Zero Trust + Zero Knowledge = CYOK

Create and Control Your Own Key

PARSEC Keep-control!

Thanks to "Zero-Knowledge" encryption technology, the confidentiality of your data is ensured exclusively by your terminal, considered as the only trusted entity.

The zero-knowledge zero-knowledge encryption model makes it the sole container for your encryption keys.

Neither the administrator, nor any host or cloud provider, nor any administrative authority, will be able to access it.

The security of your data with PARSEC is therefore based on a simple principle: do not trust anyone.

No need to rely on any external entity: with Parsec, encryption keys will never be released.

PARSEC integrates efficient user authentication, strict access management, and traceability and logging features, allowing companies to rigorously control access :

Work differently

PARSEC allows you to share, collaborate and store in securely your content, wherever you are.

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