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Data confidentiality

Health data is highly sensitive information, so confidentiality is paramount in the handling of this data.
PARSEC relies on proven data protection technology, " Zero-Knowledge ", which ensures the confidentiality of documents shared within a workspace, vis-à-vis any cloud provider, administrative authority or other organization that would like to take possession of your files.

The encryption keys are strictly personal and are known only to the user, his workstation becomes the only trusted entity.

With PARSEC, you alone have control over the information shared regardless of where the data is stored.

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Data integrity

The Healthcare sector is arguably the one that most demands 100% reliability of shared information. PARSEC attributes to each stored content a unique fingerprint, which allows any modification to be detected.
All data displayed is first checked for integrity.

When these are shared, several users may wish to modify the same data at the same time.
As a user, you alone decide permissions to access documents and share with other users.

In such a situation, PARSEC guarantees data consistency, by automatically detecting and resolving write conflicts.

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Data security

Collaborate easily, with other healthcare professionals and relevant third parties, on patient care, research results and other projects, without worrying about security during your exchanges, but also for the storage of your data.
With PARSEC, benefit from a single platform to work seamlessly.

Work differently

PARSEC allows you to share, collaborate and store in securely your content, wherever you are.

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