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Switch to the ultra-secure digital era

Adopt PARSEC to modernize your modes of communication and data exchange with citizens and stakeholders via an ergonomic channel, easy to use and at a lower cost.

Benefit from a centralized space to collaborate , but also to manage and secure your content .

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Increase the mobility of your teams in the field

Provide field workers with a tool to see in real time the strategic information they need to do their jobs.

Manage the access rights for each content but also the action rights involving the possibility of making changes.

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Stay in line with your security policy

PARSEC is part of your security policy.

Whether your data is stored in a public or private cloud, the solution guarantees the maximum level of security that a collaborative work solution can offer, by combining the concepts of

  • Sécurity by Design,
  • Zero-Trust,
  • and Zero-Knowledge.

You also have the choice of the authentication mode depending on the requirements and the sensitivity of the data in your possession.

Work differently

PARSEC allows you to share, collaborate and store in securely your content, wherever you are.

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