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Skills, autonomy and rigor are the main qualities we are looking for.

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Our employees talk about us

Software Intern
R&D Developer
06/01/2020 to 10/30/2020
« Student at the school 42 in Paris, I joined the company as a software developer as part of a 6-month internship.

I was in charge of several missions as part of the development of the Parsec project, allowing me to work on different areas such as data security, application optimization or even participating in the implementation of e- invitation mails.

The organization of the company in telework to me immediately more, it gives a lot of freedom when to the management of his schedule and the two weekly meetings allow to have a regular contact with the rest of the team . My colleagues were very present to help me and to answer my various questions. »
R&D Developer
06/01/2020 to 11/29/2020
« After a year and a half of studying at school 42, I joined the Scille team to work on Parsec as an IT development intern.

I was integrated into the team upon my arrival, making me participate actively in the development cycle. I discovered a well-established dynamic in teleworking, with well-structured weeks that give everyone great freedom in their schedule, while keeping clear short and long-term objectives.

The tasks assigned to me are sufficiently varied so that I can have an overview of the project, and thus be able to form myself solidly. Scille works around trust in its employees and their responsibilities, which makes this contract a rich human and professional experience. »

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