Keep your financial data safe without losing fluidity

Thanks to an intuitive solution allowing you to share your sensitive data in 1 click

Give yourself security AND efficiency

Offer PARSEC to your teams, so that they save time in their exchanges and do not opt for an unreliable cloud. Indeed, the reactivity of your company cannot cost you your confidentiality. This is why our solution combines two criteria that are dear to you and your employees: the reinforced security of your financial data, on a sharing space that is easy to use every day.

Authorize or delete users on a project basis

Our solution gives you the authority to manage the access privileges of your collaborators, depending on their level of involvement in a project. You can also revoke them permanently, check the manipulations that one of them has made on a file, or recover a later version if you need elements that have been deleted in the meantime.

Hold and deliver the only keys to your data

Our unique end-to-end encryption technology is like locking your documents in a lock that only you have. What's special is that your data decomposes every time you or your employees close the door. This means that your data is no longer readable if someone without a key tries to open it. In this way, this innovation protects sensitive files when sending and storing them.

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